Plate - Hot Air Balloon No. 6 (Pilâtre de Rozier) - Faïencerie d’Art de Malicorne Pottery

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This lovely Malicorne Plate pays tribute to Jean-Francois Pilâtre de Rozier.

Pilâtre de Rozier 1784: The first manned flight in a free balloon.

Pilâtre de Rozier invented the first gas mask, the matches and many other inventions, but he continued his experiments in ballooning. He manufactured “La Rozière”, combination between a hot air balloon and a gas balloon (hydrogen). 

Since 1924, The Faïencerie d’Art de Malicorne has been continuing the tradition of local Malicorne craftsmen and producing fine decorative pottery in the Malicorne style. Each piece of Malicorne pottery is created by hand from preparing the clay, making the molds including the openwork which are carried out by hand using traditional tools to the hand painted designs which pay tribute to the decorative works of the Rouen and Nevers schools. Each piece of Malicorne pottery created by The Faïencerie d’Art de Malicorne is signed by the pottery guaranteeing the piece’s authenticity.

Hand crafted and hand painted in France. 

Size: 9.5 inch

Colors in photograph are close but may not represent true colors.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.