Maternity - Bel Delecourt

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In 1955, Bel Delecourt creates with the HB manufacture this maternity statue. With this work, she won the first price of a competition launched by a famous trademark for baby milk. The statue is shown in every pharmacuy of France. In 2013, Bel Delecourt slightly modifies this figurine with the Manufacture Henriot-Quimper and grants a second life to this baby. Bel Delecourt studied at the art school of Quimper in the 40's. In 1947, she worked with the Quimper Manufacture, this during 30 years. She still lives in Quimper.

Our Quimper Faience collection is imported directly from the Henriot Quimper in Quimper, France. Founded in 1685, Henriot Quimper is know the world over for its know-how of the “Quimper Paint Touch” and the tradition of producing and hand-painting every piece of faience in-house. Henriot Quimper continues the tradition producing the traditional patterns featuring the Breton figures as well as many new more modern designs. The superbly talented resident artists at Henriot still hand-craft every piece of Quimper Pottery. Each piece of Quimper faience is completely handmade and painstakingly hand-painted. Each piece of Quimper is unique. One artist hand paints each piece from start to finish then signs the piece and marks it “Henriot” to ensure its authenticity.

14.5 inches

Colors may vary. Colors in photograph are close but may not represent true colors. All Quimper faience pieces are fully hand painted. Each piece is therefore unique. 

Allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.

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